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Energy Insight Team

Our team

Energy Insight (formerly EnergyMobile 2011-2018) is an Ottawa-based company devoted to building smart, functional, beautiful apps that simplify and save energy.

We are a group of energy and environment focussed professionals that thrive at the intersection of energy, data and UI/UX. We use emerging technologies to raise awareness, increase energy literacy and help businesses and consumers alike make better energy decisions.

With an elastic team of full-time, part-time and specialist partner resources to draw from, we match the perfect group of skills and talent with each project's needs. Let's work together and build something great!

Tim Johnson
With Energy Insight, Tim combines his two biggest passions: energy and technology. As a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and Demand Side Manager (CDSM), his energy industry experience is a guiding force behind our products.

Tim Johnson


Jean-Daniel Tanguay
Startups, big agencies and freelance - Jean-Daniel has done it all. With more than 40 web and mobile projects under his belt before the age of 30, his full-stack development skills make you think - was that magic?

Jean-Daniel Tanguay


Patrick McMahon
An economics grad, NRCan ENERGY STAR Certified Energy Advisor and real world experience consulting in over 3,000 Canadian homes, Patrick keeps our products accurate, insightful and engaging.

Patrick McMahon

Products / Research

Darren Peacock
With a Masters in Computational Physics, we just love Darren's precise code and methods. While the rest of us scratch our heads, Darren always finds the right solution and nails the implementation.

Darren Peacock

Sr. Developer

Suzan Hill
Sue’s design and user experience skills can be seen in all of our products. She makes our products beautiful, functional and keeps the human aspect of what we do in check.

Suzan Hill

UI/UX Design

Catherine Cormier
Operating her own agency (Betti) for the past 5 years, Catherine works with brands she believes in to help them reach their audience. We're fortunate to have Catherine working with Energy Insight to improve our marketing and communication efforts.

Catherine Cormier

Marketing / Content

What we do

Web Application Design & Development

Mobile Application Design & Development

Energy Management, Research & Reporting

Why we do it

Our mission is to empower businesses and consumers with tools to make smarter energy decisions, save energy and contribute towards a better energy future.

We believe that through technology and great design, our products can help transform passive energy citizens into active Gridizens - an engaged citizen of the grid that advocates for reliable, affordable and clean energy used wisely.

Platforms and tools we work with

Native iOS Development

Native iOS Development - Objective C and Swift

Native Android Development

Native Android Development - Java, Kotlin, Python


React Native - Cross-platform iOS/Android development

Open GL

Open GL - Graphics Rendering


jQuery and jQuery Mobile

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform - App, Compute, Machine Learning, BigQuery and more

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3, Lambda


Rails - Web Application Framework


NodeJS - Web Application Framework

Mongo db

Mongo db - NoSQL Database

Firebase RTDB and Firestore

Firebase - RTDB, Firestore, Analytics and more


D3 - Data Visualization, Charting


React - Web application development


PostgreSQL - Database Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics - Web and Mobile Analytics


Crashlytics - Mobile crash and issue reporting


Sketch - Design, UI/UX, Wire framing, Prototyping

Adobe Suite

Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and more

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