energy dashboards and reporting
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We transform energy data
into something meaningful

more insight

From data to dashboards & reports

Energy Insight's unique blend of energy management experience, software development skills and user-centric design chops, help organizations build, deploy and manage complete energy reporting solutions from data to dashboard.

Energy Insight works to answer valuable energy management questions in key categories: descriptive 'what happened?', diagnostic 'why did it happen?', predictive 'what will happen?' and prescriptive 'how can we make it happen?'.

Accurate, Fast & Presentation Ready

With Energy Insight in your toolkit, your organization can make informed decisions from a centralized version of the (energy) truth. From energy management to finance to sustainability, having fast, easy access to energy information in one place empowers data based decision making.

Save time with our one-click pdf exports, scheduled report delivery, raw data export or online sharing of Energy Insight's visually stunning, presentation ready reports. What used to take hours or days of preparation, now takes just seconds to produce professional and engaging results.

Works with everything

Pull your data together using out-of-the-box, hassle-free connectors for hundreds of data sources, including spreadsheets, files, databases, and web services applications. Energy Insight connects with MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Thin, Oracle OCI, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, Firebird and DB2.

Starting off with simple files? Energy Insight easily connects with Excel, CSV and XML files from your computer, and FTP and SFTP files from a server. You can also connect to data via DropBox, Box, and Google Drive file sharing services.

Flexible, Scalable & Customizable

Everything you need in an energy dashboard reporting solution and nothing you don't. Regardless of the current state of energy data and reporting within an organization, Energy Insight is fully configurable to work in harmony with existing systems, data structures and processes.

A fully configurable and customizable SaaS solution, Energy Insight fits and scales with your organization's reporting needs. From simple spreadsheets to real-time data feeds and integration with finance systems, we can help transform your data into meaningful, sharable dashboards and reports.

Visibility = Value

Our visually stunning and user-centric approach makes Energy Insight dashboards and reports hyper effective at communicating energy issues to a wider audience - on any screen. Start engaging in new and more meaningful conversations with both internal or external stakeholders about energy.

Whether managing budget performance for year end, using building benchmarking to assess project priority or communicating carbon reduction targets, boosting visibility with easy to understand materials leads to better energy outcomes and buy-in.

Secure, Branded, Self-Service Portal

Energy Insight uses multiple safeguards to protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information, including ID and password encryption, HTTPs and SSL. Dashboard and report access controls are set using roles, groups and datasource privileges. Full SSO integration is also an available option.

Energy Insight comes complete as a white-labelled solution for your organization's brand. Login through the portal and experience it as your own in-house application complete with custom logo and design that perfectly matches your brand's style guide requirements.

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