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Boost consumer energy literacy

Understanding what powers our homes and businesses is confusing and abstract for most people. Gridwatch cuts through the complexity of the modern grid making it easy to see and interact with the electricity supply mix and emissions of an evolving electricity grid.

Gridwatch engages consumers, prosumers, educators and industry professionals alike in a simple and approachable way. A better energy future requires a boost in literacy - tools like Gridwatch help transform passive energy citizens into active and empowered Gridizens.

Showcase your operations

Electricity Generators are the cornerstone of our grid yet, without visibility, generators are rarely given the credit they deserve. Boost your brand's visibility in a way that's engaging, interactive and available free and ad-free for everyone - including your employees and stakeholders.

Trusted by thousands of users, Gridwatch can help socialize your operations and your contributions towards a better energy future. Share your company's story in Gridwatch by showcasing your facilities, your innovations and your team. Extend your reach further with social media and web links directly in the app.

showcase operations
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Program options that work

With multiple options and programs available, putting Gridwatch to work for your organization and good Gridizens is a snap. From the 0$ option to a fully managed white-labelled version for your brand/jurisdiction, our solution is flexible, future ready and cost effective.

Looking to extend your brand's recognition across more channels? Our development roadmap is filled with exciting features and functionality like voice, IFTTT, web widgets, APIs and more. Our team will work with you to find the best program fit for your needs.

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Getting Started

Getting started with Gridwatch is simple - click the contact button and our team will work with you to find a program that fits your needs. A better energy future doesn't happen without you and tools like Gridwatch, so let's get started and help transform passive energy citizens into active and empowered Gridizens.

Gridwatch plays nice on any device! Available on iOS or use the WebApp.